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Fibreglassing, ‘Pays my Way’.

What can I say about myself and the building game ‘hmm’!?

Only that, I’ve worked hard myself to keep our own roof over the heads of my family and that is what matters to me the most. I’m no different to most trades men and women I know. I would like to think I do know some good guys in their own trades too, whatever that may be, where ever they are from too, be it Poole, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Shaftsbury, Dorchester.

Dorset in general, hosts many of my good-building contacts and friends. We bounce off each other in busy times and in harder times we’d have to forage for work. I’d imagine the building trade is just like life itself, full of ups and downs, fruitful and dry at times, I remember in the 80s I had to come off the roofs and leave the fibreglass GRP trade for several months, yet I was no different than many a tradesperson back then. The builder has a survival mode, farmers and fishermen be the same I’d expect.

My opinion is, the building trade in the UK, is the backbone of this country and the TAX revenue this giant generates into the economy has a life of its own, it stimulates the economy and a huge part of the UK’s population survives and flourishes from this. Rearing families, as they, the trade men compete to fulfil their own aspirations and future in the norm. David Attenborough should have made a nature program about our species ‘the UK builder’!

To date, I can’t remember how many roofs I’ve fibreglassed in Dorset, but I still get the same satisfaction in producing a finish to be proud of. I don’t think I’m old fashion and appreciate seeing the younger guys on the roofs too, there are so many distractions out there these days as we all know, but to see a young guy pick up the tools ‘any tools’ is always a bonus to the workforce and certainly to the UK’s economy. So let’s hope we as builders stay in good health and witness the right decisions of future governments to respect us and a worthy workforce that we are.

Paul Feirn ”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”.