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Roofs Glorious Roofs!!

While delivering a quotation today, I couldn’t but help notice a complete diversity of roofs through the villages of Dorset.

In a way, carpenters would look at finished woodwork or mechanics would listen to car engines, and as I’m in the roofing trade, ‘roofs are my thing’. I love roofs and the science behind their structure, Pitched roofs, Thatched roofs, Flat roofs, Tiled roofs, Fibre glassed roofs, Slated roofs, ‘roofs roofs roofs’!!.. My favourite roof that compliments the Dorset countryside most, is of course the Thatched. The craftsmanship is excellent to see and great also to know this trade is still flourishing in our postcard villages. Did you know? most Thatcher’s have their own little personal feather, like the signature, they may finish by twisting and shaping reed or straw by hand, into shapes of a Cat, Cock, Fox or Hare that sits pleasantly on the pitch of the finished roof, such work just has to be appreciated and no doubt a piece heritage.

I do also love to see the old heavy slated cottage roofs, these can be seen in abundance from Poole to Weymouth in many coastal villages, dotted among such scenic routes. The mind boggles, just how on earth can these roof joists burden such a weight, in all they certainly look robust and not out of place, more suitable to a film set from Lord of the Rings, aged and weary, with a story to tell of many tenants.

Giving some thought to this topic of scenic villages, I hope you will see just how important roofs are in leaving an impression for all to see, in most cases half of a cottage is its roof, so next time you pass the postcard cottage pay homage to the skill of the tradesmen & women, that still maintain such works of art with pride.

Though the roofing we specialise in, is far from complementing a scenic village, I’d like to think our finished work was to a high standard and it reflected a company that had pride. Fiberglass roofs may seem out of place in a quaint village scenery, but never the less we are a particular roofer all the same. We just specialise in Fiberglass covering. Our work is more suited for flat surfaces, garages sheds, extensions, factories, hospitals etc which brings in work mostly from Cities and Towns, Poole and Bournemouth, and other towns throughout Dorset. These populated areas, resulting in most of our work to date, but you just have to appreciate that rural job and a break from the hustle and bustle sometimes and in turn helps us appreciate the county will live in.

Paul Feirn ‘the roof geek’ ”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”