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Hazards of Roofing!

While living and working in south Dorset, much of my work brings me to neighboring towns, such as Bournemouth and Poole.
In general, good builders help each other with work and support in this ‘building Game’, as a builder or tradesman would call it and when catching up with mates and contacts, there is always chat of what contracts and work are out there and who’s doing what these days. Conversations about the health of the building trade and prices of materials are the norm.
As well as having a chat and a laugh down the greasy spoon, such casual meetings can also bring concerning news, such as injuries you may hear of, after all, so many aspects of working in the building trade come with risks, and I’m certainly not saying, it is entirely the fault of the injured worker either, as accidents ‘are’ accidents.

While in Poole last month fiberglassing a newly built ‘manny cave’ roof, I was informed by the owner that his friend was due to do the work I was just doing and had a fall from a single story high extension he was working on. He had damaged his back badly, he told me and was out of action with no immediate sight of returning to work, nor could drive, not good I thought for the chap, as he had a mortgage and two young children attending school in neighboring Bournemouth.
It’s only stories like these, that remind me, of how lucky a tradesperson is to get through his or her building career without serious injuries or worse.

Did you know? from all Deaths in the UK construction/building industry, that 25% of them are from Falls in the roofing sector, there are also many injuries and disabilities that are the result of falling too.

Roofing is a skilled trade and always will be, whether the roofer specialises in, tiles, asphalt, or fiberglassing, individual roofers just have to approach each job seriously and with safety in mind. After all, everyone likes to go home that evening.

Paul Feirn.
”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”.