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Rolled Asphalt v Fiberglass!

Let’s look at these options and try to clarify what is right for your situation.

Asphalt is a somewhat durable roof covering and slightly cheaper to install than fiberglass, when Good Quality materials are applied Correctly to a roof surface, the customer can get value for money.

The cheaper costs and durability time span may suit many homeowners, for example, they may have to budget for the costs of a repair or a new roof surface, and also they may want to sell up and move on, so the lifespan of the roof is not an upmost concern to them, long term.

Fiberglass GRP, on the other hand, is a totally durable, stronger, and more versatile roof covering material, it is not much more expensive than asphalt covering and could be actually cheaper depending on what company is chosen. Our company like to consider ourselves as economical as asphalt, we have even come in at cheaper quotes for customers in the past. Transparency is our goal and we simply don’t tolerate inflated quotations, ‘Unfortunately’, this may well be the case in the building trade, so beware!!!

In the case of these two different products/materials, considering the costs and durability is a must, ‘But let’s face facts here’ fiberglass just goes that much further, so far, that the original saving of them Penneys doesn’t seem worthwhile at all.

With fiberglass, you can choose your own desired roof colour with NO extra cost.
You can rest assured fiberglass lasts Many more years than asphalt.
This material can weather much more Hotter & Colder climates.
You can choose a more robust None slip surface, that will be Safer underfoot.
As for the Safety aspect, Fiberglass has a very very low flammable rate, not unlike the highly combustible asphalt. Considering this material is applied to attached garages and home extensions it’s quite scary, never mind a separate building unit.

So folks when considering what’s right for your requirements, Asphalt or Fiberglass?? We’ll leave this question to your own common sense. ”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”.
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