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”Weather Proof that Roof”!

I knew the wife was right and let’s face it, I have been putting it off for some time now.

Our garage roof was definitely in need of repair, it’s a double, with one single ali up and over door, mains electric, with a flat roof, nothing special, a typical double garage.

However, the money situation was a little tight as we weren’t long back from Benidorm, so I didn’t want any quotes that would cost me an arm or the wife’s leg.

The existing roof was covered by rolls of felt and had come away where the rolls overlapped, the centre bubbled up and split. Not great for us, as we had bought the house new, in Blandford Dorset, approx. 9 years before.

When I showed the roof to my neighbour mate Mark, he pointed out it wasn’t only bad workmanship but the felt rolls were of a cheap standard and didn’t wear too good considering the age of the garage.

Mark was a known DIY fan, while I’d be down the pub with the darts team, Mark would be painting or putting up a fence, you know the type, most probably had a pumped-up pension too. Anyways Mark was eager to show me his garage where he stored his Harley motorbike, he’d had a new roof put on it, a grey fiberglass roof, G.R.P. glass reinforced plastic.

I was quite impressed ‘not jealous’ but impressed. Mark passed me the website details of the company he used and after a call out from them, we agreed on a price, which was slightly higher than Marks, the guy quoting explained that 2 sections of boarding would have to be cut out, as I left the leaking too long, which in turn caused parts of the boards to rot, ‘fare enough’ I should have dealt with it sooner.

The roof fiberglassing and boarding repairs took 2 guys a full day’s work, I was more than happy with the finishing, edges, and colour I asked for a darker colour which wasn’t a problem for the guys to do, but in all, I certainly would recommend fiberglass more so than felt and surprisingly it wasn’t much dearer at all, it looks better, more solid underfoot, completely water-resistant which will keep her indoors happy and lasts for years and years. I have read a few articles now on the product fiberglass GRP and simply can’t understand why people use felt in the first place. Yes, in all the roof was a good move, I suppose the wife won’t appreciate it now, as she ran off with Mark. He was never good at darts anyway.

”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”.