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How Versatile is Fiberglass GRP when applied to your roof?

A quick intro for all our Dorset friends.

Firstly Fiberglass is a lightweight material. You can choose your own Colours for starters an Energy Smart colour if requested, A white roof will repel heat and a black roof will attract heat. You can walk on it when applied properly, so also ideal for balconies and Stairs.

A big safety aspect is, it is much, much, more, fire-resistant than Rolled Felt for sure. Water can lay on it for years and years Without Leaking, so feel comfortable with rain and hail and stormy winds as the material is stuck to the roof boarding. Our work is Seamless and smooth to finish. We can also make a Non-slip finish if required.

Did you know that GRP and fiberglass has been around since the 1950s?

Our roofs require no maintenance.

Work Guaranteed. ”No job is too big or too small, we are happy to quote for all”.